Ashley Brentano

Oh hey, I am Ashley B and I am 33 years young!! I was born and raised in Bend and moved to Portland at 18 for college and have been here ever since.   My entire family still lives in Bend so in my opinion I have the best of both worlds.   I went to school for Interior Design and I am a rep for a countertop manufacturer.  I got married in Hawaii 2.5 years ago to my die hard beaver/Spurs fan husband. I am a new mom to a cute little girl named Quinn whom you will sometimes see hanging out or swinging from the dip bar.   I also have two yellow labs so don’t follow me on Instagram if you don’t like pictures of cute dogs or babies!

Growing up I always wanted to play sports but I was never good enough.  Someone was always taller or faster than I was.  I decided to try the only sport that you didn’t have to try out for cross country.   I lasted about 3 months and injured my knee running down the side of pilot butte in the lava rock… literally straight down the side.  That takes me to my early twenties when I decided to take running up again. I was tired of going to the gym with no goal in mind so I decided to try a half marathon.  From there forward I was hooked, I found my passion.  Fast forward a few years when I lost my mind and decided to try a marathon.  My first marathon was the Portland Marathon and much to my surprise I managed to qualify to run the Boston marathon.  I could barely walk after that marathon and my body was completed wrecked.  I of course had to run the Boston marathon and I knew something in my training schedule had to change because there was no way I could feel that pain again.  Insert Crossfit. I supplemented my training for the next year with regular Crossfit classes- running at night and going to Crossfit in the morning.   I was hooked from day one.   I ran the Boston Marathon and never felt better after a race.  After qualifying for Boston in Boston I ran the following year again in record heat 90 degrees- 26.2 miles in 90 degree heat.  NOT FUN.  That was my last marathon.  That one hurt so I went back to just running for fun and doing shorter races that weren’t as demanding for training.  I haven’t stopped Crossfit from that day forward. It changed my life and my body as a runner.  This year will mark my 8th year of Crossfit.  It challenges me still to this day.  There are still things I can’t do but I come back every day knowing that if I stay after it that I will get it. The coaches learn very quickly what you are capable of and they will push you to better yourself.  One of these days Nick won’t have to tell me to push my knees OUT!!!!

I joined Rose City when I was about 3 months pregnant and knew right away in that first week that I had found my gym family.  I stuck with Crossfit for all 10 long months of being pregnant and did a WOD on Monday morning and was in the hospital in labor by Tuesdayafternoon!  3.5 weeks post labor I was back in the gym just now with a baby in a car seat opposed to a 25 pound built in weight vest.  Rose city has brought so much joy to my life… it just makes me giddy thinking about how much I love that gym!!!!  I am looking forward to crushing my first group competition in a couple of weeks.

My words of advice for anyone wanting to start Crossfit or anyone who is actively doing Crossfit- just don’t stop.  It’s harder to commit to getting back in shape then it is to commit to staying in shape.