Many people believe that healthy fitness can be attained by simply focusing on your exercising or on your diet alone when in reality, it takes a healthy balance of both. Sure, someone can be skinny by simply eating healthy, and someone can be strong by simply lifting weights, but it takes an equal balance of exercise and nutrition to take the next step as an athlete. As your local Portland CrossFit gym, Rose City Barbell understands the importance of balancing diet and exercise — so much to the point that we have partnered with resources for our athletes such as nutrition and physical therapy services.

In today’s blog post, we will discuss why nutrition is an important aspect of exercise, as well as some of the main nutrients that you should be conscious of as a CrossFit athlete or fitness enthusiast.

Why Is Nutrition An Important Part Of Exercise?

Nutrition should not be thought of as a separate thing from exercise, but rather as a way to make exercise more efficient. If exercise is a train, nutrition is the coal that powers the train and keeps it chugging on down the track. Nutrition can keep the body active and healthy as long as it is sustained by basic nutrient building blocks like:

  • Calories –  A calorie is a unit of measurement that in nutrition refers to the amount of energy people receive from the food that has eaten and the fluids that they have consumed. Due to the nature of calories, they are often counted in weight loss programs because they are a measurement of how much energy is being consumed.
  • Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates (carbs) or saccharides, are biomolecules. Carbohydrates provide the body with energy, both short term, and long-term, while also acting as a transportation system for energy throughout the body.
  • Fluids – When it comes to fitness, fluids refer to more than just water. Essentially, fluids, in a sense of fitness, are any liquid that can hydrate the body without providing an excess of other negative compounds.
  • Minerals – Minerals are elements that are found in both the earth, as well as some foods that are needed by the human body to function and develop properly.
  • Proteins- Proteins can be found in every cell of the body, meaning it is necessary for the human body to consume proteins to maintain healthy bone, muscle, and skin function.

While there are some essential nutritional building blocks associated with a good balance of nutrition and exercise, there is no ideal “blanket” diet that can be used by everyone, as everyone has a different body type, but with the basic standing knowledge of how these nutritional building blocks work, you can better understand how to formulate a diet that is compatible with your body type.

The diet that is most suitable for you will depend on three major factors: the type of sport or training that you are doing, the amount of training you do for said activity, as well as the amount of time that you spend on that exercise. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out exactly what diet is right for you, with people often times overestimating the number of calories that they burn and consuming a diet that gives them more energy than is needed. Because of this, the resources provided by your local CrossFit gym, Rose City Barbell, like our nutritional services with Chelsea.

Rose City Barbell Supports Your Nutritional Aspirations

At Rose City Barbell, we are all about fitness (that is just something that comes with owning a CrossFit gym), but we also care about nutrition, being why we provide resources for our members. In addition to resources like nutrition services and packages with Chelsea, we also provide a service that can’t be monetized — collaboration and conversation with your peers. So stick around for a group workout and talk with everyone — you might learn something from your Tigard fitness partner.

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