Olympic Weightlifting in Portland

When people hear the term “Olympic weightlifting,” they tend to think of a weightlifting circuit or lift that is being performed by one of the most elite athletes in the world. While you are not wrong to associate Olympic weightlifting with athletes that hold the title of “the best in their country, or the world,” Olympic weightlifting is simply a weightlifting circuit that has been modeled to resemble some of the training and exercises that are performed by Olympic athletes in both training and competition.

Everyone knows that working out is good for you, whether it be weightlifting, cardio, or both — it is all better than doing nothing at all. That being said, your local Portland CrossFit gym, Rose City Barbell believes that a combination of cardio, classic weightlifting, and full body strength resistance training programs like Olympic weightlifting are the key to accessing your true fitness potential.

In today’s blog, we will be discussing Olympic weightlifting because, after all, there seems to still be some confusion on what it actually is. Join us as we discuss one of the most popular new Tigard fitness trends!

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What Is Olympic Weightlifting?

According to Science for Sport, Olympic weightlifting is a style of exercise that is commonly integrated within strength and conditioning programmes of all levels — ranging from high school athletics to Olympic athletes. Olympic weightlifting is comprised of two major athletic movements, lifting from the floor, and pushing upwards above the head — a movement that is most commonly associated with the exercise known as the “Clean and Jerk.”

Why are these lifts important? Well, to put it simply, Olympic weightlifting is an excellent tool for athletes, or fitness fanatics, that participate in high-speed and high-load activities, as Olympic weightlifting benefits the biomechanical training and stimulation that allows for high force and power exertion.
Olympic Weightlifting Breakdown
In order to fully illustrate the benefits that one can experience from Olympic weightlifting, we would like to analyze the “Snatch” exercise — and exercise that consists of raising the barbell above one’s head in one continuous motion. But why are Olympic weightlifting movements so important? To put it simply, for the simple objective of the exercise, a large number of muscle groupings are incorporated — making the lift wholistically more efficient.

But what does the Snatch improve?

  • Core stability
  • Lat (Latissimus dorsi) strength
  • Body awareness
  • Explosive power
  • Flexibility/mobility
  • Body composition
  • Speed
  • Motor recruitment
  • Kinetic synchronization
  • Vertical movement

Why You Should Consider Olympic Weightlifting

We get it, Olympic weightlifting seems a little intimidating. After all, you could just do a normal workout, right? At Rose City Barbell, your source for Portland CrossFit, we believe in all forms of working out — we just know that some forms of exercise are more efficient than others.

Olympic weightlifting is just one of the many types of exercise that we implement within our Tigard CrossFit gym, but we do it for a reason — that reason being that it works. Olympic weightlifting is the end-all-be-all lift as it works out your whole body while promoting a tighter, more sculpted look. Additionally, what people tend to forget, CrossFitters and fitness fanatics alike is that the strongest part of your body should be your core — something that Olympic weightlifting promotes.

While we could list some of the positive effects that Olympic weightlifting might have on your overall functional fitness, it is how it translates to your daily life that is the largest benefit. Olympic weightlifting pushes your body to grow in strength in an efficient manner while trimming and toning fat.

Come To Join Us At Our Portland CrossFit Gym

Like we said earlier, here at Rose City Barbell we respect all forms of exercise — we just happen to know what works, and what doesn’t. While running every day or lifting weights every day will allow you to progress physically, it takes specialized and muscle-group inclusive workouts like Olympic weightlifting that allow for you to achieve real results.

At our Portland CrossFit gym, we eat sleep and breathe functional fitness. CrossFit is a full-body workout because of the innovative weightlifting and resistance training styles like Olympic weightlifting. Are you interested in giving Olympic weightlifting a try and finally reaching your fitness goals? If so, we urge you to come to get started with us at Rose City Bell, your source of Tigard fitness. Contact us if you have any questions!

We look forward to working out with you!

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