With the new year approaching, people all over the world are beginning to consider getting a gym membership to work towards their New Year’s resolutions. While this seems like an easy feat, people often juggle the various gym choices for months before they decide what gym they would like to become a part of. Do they want a gym that focuses on classes? A gym that focuses on personal workouts? Do they want to try CrossFit?

Usually when people at beginning their fitness journey they seem hesitant to try CrossFit — after all, if you have seen a video of a CrossFit workout online you understand how intense it can get. But that shouldn’t be reason enough to deter you from joining our Portland CrossFit gym. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss why we think you should give Rose City Barbell a try this new year!


First and foremost, CrossFit is a form of functional fitness. What is functional fitness? Functional fitness is a workout that is designed to incorporate a diverse range of motions that work muscle groups that you might use in real-life situations. For example, workout movements found in deadlifts, push-ups, kettlebell workouts, and others are specifically designed to work muscle groupings that might not get worked if you spend 8 hours a day sitting at a desk. Come to visit us at our Tigard fitness facility today to learn more about the role functional fitness plays in our WODs.


When you become a part of our Portland CrossFit gym you don’t just gain a place to work out — you also gain a support community of other Portland locals that are just beginning, or well into, their fitness journey. At Rose City Barbell we find working out and weightlifting far more enjoyable when you are doing it with others. We urge you to come to visit us for one of our upcoming group workouts at our Tigard location to see what we are talking about.


What is the point of joining a CrossFit gym? What is the point of joining any gym, for that matter? When you join a gym it is your goal to see results. Whether you are joining a gym with the intent to lose weight and cut down on your body fat, or if you are already fit and are looking to work on your endurance, you get a gym membership because you want to see positive results. When you join a Portland CrossFit Gym like Rose City Barbell, you will get a gym that not only provides you with the tools that you’ll need to reach your fitness goals, but also the support you’ll need to get there.

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Nobody ever said you had to wait for the new year to begin your fitness journey. Whether your goals are in functional fitness, sports performance training, Olympic weightlifting, or CrossFit, Rose City Barbell is the perfect place for you. So what are you waiting for? Join us at our Portland CrossFit facility today! Contact us today to schedule a visit or to discuss membership options.

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