We get it, Olympic weightlifting can be tough — and we aren’t just talking about the physical aspect. Olympic weightlifting is just as much of a mental challenge as a physical challenge. Why? Well, to put it simply, it is easy to be a good Olympic weightlifter, but it is extremely difficult to become a great one. To become great you have to hold yourself accountable and work on each small detail of your form.

In today’s blog, your local Tigard fitness facility, Rose City Barbell, will be discussing a few of the things that we think are extremely important in ensuring that your Olympic weightlifting regimen is successful.

Don’t Go Too Heavy

It is a common misconception that the only way to successfully gain muscle and definition is to lift as heavy as possible, as often as possible. This is simply not true, in fact, doing so can be dangerous. When you lift too heavy, you open yourself up to the possibility of becoming injured — and it isn’t doing anything good for your form either.

It is especially important for beginner and intermediate Olympic weightlifters to avoid lifting too heavy. If you lift too heavy you will be unable to properly form good habits and techniques. Lastly, it can actually have a negative impact on your power output because you never set the groundwork for your muscles by lifting at appropriate weights. At Rose City Barbell, we strongly advise lifting the correct weight consistently — after all, you are trying to make progress right? So don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

Follow A Program

There is a reason that we have WODs in CrossFit — and that reason is that sticking to a schedule is a key element of Olympic weightlifting. Programs are specially built by fitness and nutrition experts because they include all of the necessary rest periods and progressions that your body needs to recover.

When you lift weights you tear muscle tissue. Your muscle tissue grows to fill in the tears — thus making the muscle larger. That being said, it is not good for you to directly lift with a muscle that is still recovering. This is why programs are a thing. So no, doing hammer curls every day is not going to help you get the biceps of your dreams. Come to join us today at our Portland CrossFit gym and let’s get you started on a program that will get you the best results.

Seek Out A Qualified Trainer Or Coach

Especially when you are starting your journey in Olympic weightlifting, it is important that you seek guidance from an experienced coach or trainer. At Rose City Barbell we have a great staff of professionally trained coaches that can point you in the right direction towards your fitness goals. We will work with you on your form, your program, and your confidence as an Olympic weightlifter.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today by becoming a member of Rose City Barbell! We look forward to working with you towards your Olympic weightlifting proficiency.

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