2016 has been a whirlwind of a year for many of us and 2017 is finally here! Im writing to my Rose City Barbell family today to try and refocus us as a community.

Whether your training to lose weight or gain muscle we have to be clear on what and how we are going to achieve these goals in 2017! If you are serious about your goal you should write it down, but not only that have a plan of action! If you don’t have a goal I suggest you get one and write it up on the white board above my office. Hold yourself accountable and be present in the moment especially during class. Most of us only have 1 hour a day to focus on ourselves, so lets maximize our time in the gym. Be through in your warmups, methodical in your actions and always bring that intensity!

If you’re not sure what your goal should be ask yourself…What are my weaknesses and what should I be doing before and after class to turn that weakness into a strength?! During our Warm-up time take notice on how you are moving, don’t just go through the motions. Most of us have limiting factors (strength, mobility, work capacity) you need to work on in order to improve. Lets make 2017 the year we fix those limiting factors and get better! Just remember “weather you can or you can’t you’re right.” Show up (on time) and don’t quit!

January 2017 programming will be focused on general squat strength (front and back), strict pull-ups and dips. We will spent the month of January getting ourselves “comfortable” with standard and ring dips depending on where you are at and by February getting those ring and bar muscle ups if you’re ready!. Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be “squat” days while Tuesday will focus on dips and Thursday will be focused on pull-ups. Saturdays will remain partner workout days until the open in late February. If you have certain things you know you need to work on but art sure how to get started…come see any of the coaches or myself to create a plan of attack!