Greetings Rose City Barbell family!

June is just around the corner and the sun has finally come out to play! I am excited to announce some changes and events happening at Rose City Barbell this summer! Firstly, I would like to introduce our newest coach, James Rickher, to the Rose City coaching staff. As most of you probably know, James is one of our very own in the RCB community. He has tons of coaching experience and has accumulated more than 750 hours at Crossfit Diablo in California. He is Crossfit level 1 certified and looking to get his level 2 this summer. We are excited to have him on the team!

I am very happy with the level of improvement that I have seen in everyone’s snatch and clean and jerk lifts. We have been practicing every Monday and Wednesday and your hard work is showing. We will continue on this path for the next few months as the progress keeps coming in!

As you might have noticed, we have been ramping up on our running WOD’s: A. because it’s nice outside and we have to take advantage of the weather while we have it and B. because we are also preparing the gym for Murph. For those of you that don’t know, Murph is a special Hero WOD that many boxes throughout the Crossfit community complete on Memorial Day. I hope everyone can attend as it marks not only a special Hero WOD but also the beginning of summer and sunshine! We will be hosting Murph on Monday, May 29th at 9am. There will be different versions of Murph depending on what level you are comfortable with. You can partner up and split the work, scale the movements and complete the work individually, or for those of you wanting to RX, you can put on that weight vest and attack the WOD. This will be the only class of that day and gym hours will be limited (9am-12). If you can’t make the workout, we invite you to at least come for the BBQ and hangout and cheer everyone on! All are welcome! Please RSVP and let me know if you have a +1 (or more) ASAP.

Another exciting change coming to Rose City Barbell is that starting on June 1st, we will be introducing the “Committed Club.” What does this mean? It means that in each month, if you attend a class and/or workout at the gym, your attendance will be counted towards your total for that month. We are looking for more consistency in the gym because as we all know consistency leads to success. This is true not only in the gym but in life as well. To become a member of the “Committed Club” all you need to do is attend a minimum of 20+ classes/training sessions in the month. At the end of each month, each member will receive a prize and their name on the wall for the “Committed Club.” I would love to see as many people as possible on the board.

I’d like to also mention to those of you who don’t know, that we added a 7am class to the mix. It is that perfect time for you if want to get your workout in before work but can’t bare to make the 5:30am class. Additionally, I really want to reiterate how important it is to record your scores. If you don’t record it, how do you know if you’re getting better? It doesn’t matter if you’re first or last. It’s about accountability.

Last weekend was the opening weekend of Regionals and we were able to watch the South and the East athletes go to work! During the Northwest Regionals weekend here in Portland, Nike has invited all of our members to shop at the employee store. The dates our members are invited in are from June 1st- June 5th. All you need to do is present your ID at the door and you are good to go!

Lastly, I would like to plan a day for all of us to go to Regionals together! We had a small group who attended last year and would love to have an even larger group this year! It is fun to hang out with our RCB community outside of the gym as well! I will be sending out a survey to see which day we can get the most people to go. Some of you may go all 3 days, but let’s get a huge crew of RCB at the Moda Center to see the West region throw down!

Nick Clancy