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My CrossFit journey started in 2013 in a friend-of-a-friend’s garage. I had no idea what CrossFit was at the time, but I was promised a good workout so I just showed up. Little did I know, that workout in that garage was the beginning of a life-changing experience. 

I played sports through my childhood and teenage years (3 day equestrian eventing, basketball, and cross country), but I became a slave to the treadmill in college. I no longer did fitness because I liked it - I saw it as something I had to do to compensate for what I ate or drank. I was obsessed with checking my weight - stepping on the scale daily. Needless to say, I didn’t have a great relationship to fitness, my body, or food. I graduated college in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. I was working a marketing job that wasn’t fulfilling me. I wasn’t happy with my body, myself, or my career. I felt lost. 

CrossFit soon became the thing that lit my fire. I felt empowered by lifting weights. I began to appreciate my body for what it could do - not just how it looked. I loved the variety of workouts. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Soon, I realized that nutrition was a huge part of the CrossFit lifestyle and I wanted to go all-in with it. I started following a Paleo diet and saw huge health benefits. I fell in love with real foods. My body felt better than ever. My relationship to food, myself, and fitness improved greatly. My life was changed.

I wanted other people to experience this too, so in 2015, I moved from Indiana to Oregon to go back to school In 2016, I received my Master’s degree in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine. I received my CrossFit Level 1 certification in 2017. I began coaching at Rose City Barbell in 2018. 

CrossFit changed the course of my life, and I love sharing that passion with people. My goal as a coach is to make fitness fun, foster community, and help you realize just how capable you are. If we improve your health and quality of life along the way, even better!