classes & training Options


*Featuring CompTrain Class Programming.

*Completed Foundations or 3 months CrossFit experience required.

  • 60 minutes of instruction, mobility & movement.

  • variations of movements, weights, reps & time domains.

  • constantly varied mixture of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, plyometric and mono-structural movements.

  • high-energy! High fun! keeps you engaged & wanting more!


Great for all levels – beginner to advanced athlete.

  • instruction and programming on olympic lifts.

  • Learn to perform the lifts & accessory exercises.  

  • Develop speed, strength & muscular endurance!

  • excellent complement to our CrossFit class or a great “stand alone” option.

All day Open Gym.

*Open Gym Drop-Ins require three months CrossFit or Olympic Weightlifting experience.

  • We exclusively offer an “all day Open Gym” format.

  • take advantage of our facility!

  • available during hours of operation.

  • available for private coaching

  • classes take priority for use of equipment and space.


*No Foundations required. Available to all!

  • bootcamp-style & cardio based.

  • dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls.

  • rowing, stationary bike & bodyweight exercises. 

  • calorie burn, low-impact, sweaty & fun!


  • all movements are scalable on ability or physical limitation.


*Recommended for new members or less than three months CrossFit experience.

  • Free initial consultation.

  • Tour our Amazing Facility.

  • four 1 on 1 sessions with a team member.

  • Create a plan that meets your needs, wants and fitness level.

  • one month included from date of purchase.

Drop Ins & Visitors.  

Dropping in for a class? or Staying longer?  


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