Corey Bushmaker - September Athlete Of The Month | Rose City Barbell CrossFit WASQ in Tigard OR 97223.

Ever since I can remember being active has been a major part of my life. As a kid my brother and I would be on skate boards or bikes from sun up till the street lights came on. I found my competitiveness in youth sports through tee ball and soccer; and it continued as I became a two sport athlete in football and baseball. One commonality between the two sports was the weight room. I started lifting weights at 15 and I have been moving weights for the last 21 years.

At first weight training was to perform better on the field not only in strength but in size and speed. As with any young athlete the realization of not being a pro athlete became more apparent after high school, but even without sports I still possessed a firm passion for fitness and competition. In college I played several intramural sports, snowboarded every chance I could and wake boarded when I wasn’t fighting wildfires. The one thing that has helped me during all these activities regarding, endurance, recovery, and injury prevention has been my dedication to the gym.

After college nothing really changed. I continued doing all the things I did in school and even joined a couple rec leagues playing wood bat baseball, flag football, kickball, and bowling. My competitiveness increased drastically at that time, possibly because I went to work in a competitive field or it’s because I simply like to compete. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago when my friend Kyle insisted that I try CrossFit because he knew how much I like to compete and challenge myself (I honestly think he wanted to see me suffer through a workout).

In the summer of 2014, I was training for Hood to Coast and Kyle kept pressuring me to try a CrossFit class. September came and I met him for a workout; which was good timing as it was the first time in my life I was getting bored with the standard gym routine. The workout for that day happened to be the Hero workout Coe; 10 rounds for time of 10 Thrusters at 95lbs and 10 Ring Pushups. I RX’d the workout in 55 minutes. I was the very last person to finish and I was pissed. I signed up for a month of classes that day. Every month when it was time to pay my dues I would tell the owner I would give them another month; that was 2 years ago and I’m now a 5-6 day a week CrossFitter.

What I have found in doing CrossFit is a level of competitiveness that I didn’t know I had. Whereas I once competed against others (still do to an extent), I am now competing against myself & expecting more out of me, and I’m pretty verbal about it.

I’m not shy when it comes to encouraging others either; and I am thrilled seeing other athletes hit PR’s or achieve goals that they’ve been working so hard on; whether it be a strict pullup, a muscle up, or the mythical double under (nemesis). It took a while to see those that I worked out with as “Family” but when I began working out at Rose City Barbell it became clear. I spend 10 hours a week with the people at the gym; and in that time we all achieve, and we all fail, in some capacity together; but we keep coming back, keep improving, and keep encouraging. The commitment, comradery, and community that has occurred at Rose City Barbell is something that happened organically and being able to witness such an occurrence has been incredible. I am lucky to be a part of the great atmosphere Nick has created and plan on being part of the Rose City Barbell and CrossFit community for as long as they’ll have me.

Now take 3 breaths and go…