Photo taken at our CrossFit Tigard facility. Devin Wells - October Athlete Of The Month | Rose City Barbell

Hello, my name is Devin Wells and I am 25 years old. I was born and raised in Beaverton, OR and went to Southridge High School. I have two older sisters Deanna and Danielle and my parents Dan and Debbie. Sports and athletics have been apart of my life ever since I was born. My household always had something going on in every season of the year. If I wasn’t playing a game I was at my sisters events. In my house there was always competitions and rivalry between the children. My father played football at Oregon State University and so naturally he was all three of our coaches in whatever sport we were apart of. Both my sisters are athletic and played sports in college. I was fortunate enough to play football at Western Oregon University. Whatever sport I was apart of weight lifting and body movements were key components to achieving my goals. During my time of training for sports some exercises I would focus on were Olympic lifting exercises, plyometrics and sprint/running workouts. Growing up cross fit was not a very popular form of exercise. Over the years it has grown and proven to the exercise community that it is an effective form of working out.

After sports were done and I had new life goals and ambitions CrossFit was on the rise. I was hearing more and more people talk about CrossFit. While keeping my ears perked up to what was going on in the CrossFit community I was able to hear the bad and the good. Hearing people say “you’ll get seriously injured doing CrossFit” or “a CrossFit workout was one of the hardest things I have ever done’, I had to find out for myself. So a buddy of mine Chris Mueller invited me to this new gym that was just being opened Rose City Barbell. Initially one of the drawing factors for me was that CrossFit incorporated powerlifting movements with full body movements. After one workout at Rose city Barbell I was hooked. Having this feeling that every part of my body got a workout was something I was looking for. In addition joining the CrossFit community at Rose City Barbell aligned with my new life goals of wanting to become a Commissioned Officer in the United States Marine Corps.

After that first workout I have tried to show up 5 days a week. The workouts at Rose City Barbell were exactly what I was looking for and with such a great team I felt extremely supported. As I have continued to go to Rose City Barbell each week has been a learning experience. Nick Clancy and his coaches have designed workouts allowing everyone who works out to push himself or herself as hard as they can go. While you’re dripping sweat and trying to push out one last rep you’ll look around and see everyone else in the same passionate pursuit to bettering themselves. In the middle of a workout it doesn’t matter if you’re killing it or taking one rep at a time as long as you’re pushing yourself.