Enrique Ruiz | December Athlete of The Month | Rose City Barbell

If I am real honest I still don’t have a clue of what I am doing with the darn bar, kettle bell, or jump rope. You know I always saw Crossfit as this untouchable thing that extraordinary people did for an actual paycheck. I would always tell myself, “One day I will do Crossfit.”

I have always enjoyed working out. I have always enjoyed the thrill of pushing myself to the limit. The only thing is, that my limit has always been kinda not that good. Playing sports…never was really a starter. Pick up games… not your go to pick. It is what it is. However one thing that I have always brought to the table my hard work ethic. I was always the last one off the field, and people knew to pick me when we needed some tough defense. You can say that now things are different.

Since starting Crossfit I have grown in my skills, strength and ability to just move! The morning crew is special! We have Big Nick, Little Nick, Ajay, dropping all kinds of wisdom on us. Not to mention James, Hillary, and Corey I guess. I am so thankful for the crew we have, I hope that I can continue to bring my 100% to our 5AM crew.

I have always been a regular guy, but today, from 5:30AM – to 7:00AM I am my own number one pick, I am my own go to person. Thanks Rosey City Barbell!