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About me: Average.  That’s all I’ve ever been.  Average kid, average adult.  I never played any organized sports as a kid (one season of pee-wee soccer and one semester of freshman wrestling hardly count).  However, like most American males, I’ve spent plenty of time in the gym over the years doing the same stuff – back/bi/tri, chest and back, hardly any legs (LOL), etc.  Same stuff over and over and over again.  Then, in 2010, I found CrossFit and never looked back.  Since starting my CrossFit journey I’ve become an active trail runner, adventure racer and competitor in local CrossFit competitions.  The enjoyment and challenge I get from CrossFit has kept me coming back, year-in and year-out, even at 5:30 AM.  I started my CrossFit journey at Diablo CrossFit in California and started coaching in 2013.  I moved to Oregon in September 2014 and bounced around a bit before finding a home at Rose City Barbell.  I enjoy coaching CrossFit immensely and take great pleasure in sharing my love of CrossFit with others.  My favorite thing about CrossFit is that no matter where you start your CrossFit journey you can always get better – all it takes is practice, patience and persistence.  The beauty in that is even average guys like me can feel like they’ve accomplished something.

Where you can find me: You can find me training early morning (come train with me!) and coaching most Monday and Wednesday nights.  When I’m not in the gym you will likely find me running in Forest Park with my dogs, Hazel May and LuLu Belle.  Keep up with me and the girls on IG @whatthebruff and @hazyandlu.

My favorite athletic accomplishment: I’m most proud of two things and both occurred in 2018 - making the finals at the NorCal Masters CrossFit Competition and running the length of the Wildwood Trail in Forest Park.

Other things outside of CrossFit I’d love to talk to you about: Movies, Star Wars and LEGO.