March Member of the Month  

Congrats Natasha!

Learn More about Natasha:

How long have you been a member at Rose City Barbell? 

A: I joined April or May of last year after year of training in a different fitness format. It has been a great (almost) year at RCB! So glad I made a change.

What’s your occupation?

A: I work in program management for a large architecture firm. My job is to introduce tools and processes that help our architects be successful. 

What was your athletic background before CrossFit?

A: I played all sports as a kid and low-key intramurals in college. As an adult, I spent several years hoping that semi-regular running would get me in shape. Then there were the years having babies, which slowed everything way down.

What’s one goal you have for 2019?

A: Pull-ups!

What are your interests or hobbies outside of the gym?

A: Work, parenting, and RCB keep me pretty busy these days! I always look forward to and enjoy cooking with and for friends and being around a table together. I need to make it happen more often! Also, #houseplants.

What keeps you coming back to RCB?

A: The coaching, programming, and athletes at RCB are great. I also appreciate the large, clean space! I look forward to the physical and mental challenge that accompanies every. Single. Workout. I've also learned that fixed class time and a coach are critical for my fitness training. Without both, I'd still be running the neighborhood without much change or growth.

Where’s your favorite place to travel?

A: These days I'm dreaming of warm ocean waves and sandy toes. My favorite travel memory is spending a college semester on a ship, visiting four continents.

What’s one song that gets you pumped up for a workout?

A: Little known fact - Zac Brown has a 'dance-pop' side project (John V is so 100% cringing right now). The band is Sir Rosevelt, and their song The Bravest is my jam.

What’s your favorite CrossFit memory?

A: The Murph. I did it the first time in 2017 and about died. Completed it again in 2018, still nearly died, but finished markedly faster. I have my tracking 3x5s from both attached to my computer monitor. I'm not great about recognizing progress or growth, and those 3x5s are reminders of my progress.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to new members at RCB?

A: Show up! Keep coming! Whether you are looking for fitness progress, community, or both, they can be found at RCB. Keep showing up.

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