Want to try a weightlifting meet but think you need more experience?

Need a tune-up before a big meet? Want to lift heavy with awesome people?

Coach Chelsea

Coach Chelsea

Join us for Heroic Barbell's first mock meet - hosted at Rose City Barbell.


When: Saturday, May 18th @ Rose City Barbell.

Registration: 10:00 AM

Weigh-in: 11 AM

Lifting: 1:00 PM

Cost: Rose City Barbell & USAW members - $10

All others - $15

What’s a mock meet?

A mock meet is a great way to get experience under your (lifting) belt. The meet is run like a sanctioned weightlifting meet - but you won’t be required to wear a singlet or be a USAW member.

What to expect.

Since weightlifting is a weight class sport, there will be weigh-ins before the event. You’ll meet with a staff member to take your body weight and declare what weights you’d like to start your snatch and clean & jerk. Weights will be recorded in kgs (we’ll help you convert from pounds if needed!)

Women will use a 15kg bar and men 20kg.

After weigh-ins, we’ll establish a preliminary lifting order. The bar starts at the lowest declared weight and moves up as lifters ask for more weight. Each lifter gets three attempts at snatch and three attempts at clean & jerk in front of our judges.

It’s a great way to get introduced to the sport or refine game-day performance.

This will be a fun event for everyone!

See you on the platform.