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To booze or not to booze…that is the question 🍸🍷🍻🥃 Along with all the time we spend with loved ones, this season may also be filled with all the delicious sweets, treats, *and* cocktails.

Alcohol has long been a part of celebrating and socializing in our society. We’re not saying that you can’t enjoy a drink or two - especially on special occasions and holidays 🎄🎉 but it’s important to know *how* those drinks will affect your body so we can enjoy responsibly.

When we drink, our body prioritizes metabolizing the alcohol before anything else. It is a toxin after all. All of our normal body processes slow down as our body tries to take care of that booze. Research has shown that fat breakdown slows and fat storage increases when we drink. Alcohol also has the potential to reduce your gainzzz by suppressing muscle protein synthesis (aka your ability to build muscle mass). 

If you know you’re going to drink, here’s how to be smart about it:

🏋🏽‍♂️sneak a morning workout in

🥦 eat really well throughout the day - think protein-rich meals and all the veggies

🚰 drink h2o like it’s your job

🍻give yourself a limit - 2 drinks max is plenty!

🍸when choosing what to drink, skip the sugar-loaded mixed drinks and splurge on the high quality stuff

🍕 if you get a case of the munchies, try your best to choose snacks that are nutrient-dense (that’s a nice way of saying to skip the 2am pizza run)

And if you have goals (especially body composition goals), don’t be afraid to stick to your guns and skip the alcohol completely. Sip on that Zevia, kombucha, or sparkling water with lime with pride. Your body, your mind, and your gains will thank you for it! 👀 PS - be on the lookout for a no-booze challenge coming up in 2019 - just in time for The Open!