Weekly Preview January 14 - February 5

Frank the Tank is coming for you!

Frank the Tank is coming for you!

Monday: Ever feel like Monday is going as well as a “Double Date” with three other people you don’t like? No? Well here’s your chance to know that feeling with an AMRAP of Hang Power Snatches, Double Unders, Overhead Squats and Rows.

Tuesday: When a three-rounds-for-time WOD bumps into another three-rounds-for-time WOD it causes a “Chain Reaction.” Question is will the reaction be good or bad? You decide with Bike, Pull-Ups, Power Cleans and Push Jerks.

Wednesday: This is a FUN WOD! How could it not be with a name like “Frank the Tank?” Working 5:00 on\off with a familiar rep scheme of increasing weight but descending reps for Deadlifts and Lateral Burpees Over Bar. Game changer? There’s a Wall Ball buy-in each window.

Thursday: Just gonna sprinkle some strict strength stuff on everything today. Start with a heavy 5-3-1 Strict Press and then put on your “Body Armor” with an AMRAP of Strict Toes to Bar, Strict Presses and Walking Lunges.

Friday: The work week is almost over! Get your “Sea Legs” back underneath you so you can enjoy your weekend! Three rounds of Rows, Front Squats and Box Jump Overs! Smart money says you’ll be walking funny after this one.

Saturday: Don’t let this WOD run you over and leave you with some “Road Rash.” Working “on the 5:00” you be challenged with some asymmetrical Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerks, Alternating Dumbbell Power Snatches, Chest to Bar and Bike. Just stay in your lane and you should be just fine.

No Booze Update: 11 out of the original 16 peeps are still hanging strong! If you falter, complete the penalty and get back in the mix. Penalty this week: 30 Burpee Box Jumps.

Clinics! Weightlifting January 19th: Snatch. January 26th: Clean and Jerk. Rowing Clinic February 16th. Sign-ups on front counter. (RCB members only)

Upcoming: CityF!t45 class. No barbell or advanced gymnastics but all the cardio. In and out in 45 minutes and no CrossFit experience necessary. Classes begin January 21st. For more details contact: info@rosecitybarbell.