Weekly Preview January 21st - 26th


Monday: Push Jerk work to start then drop a line to “Go Fish” for the rest of the week. Row buy-in and then three rounds of fun with Deadlifts, Lateral Barbell Burpees and Push Jerks.

Tuesday: If you made it through Monday then today should be a “Layup.” Back-to-back couplets with opposing descending\ascending rep schemes. Jack your heart rate with Double Unders, Sit-Ups, Kettelbell Swings and Wallballs.

Wednesday: Cindy shows off her “Girl Power!” Long-ish AMRAP of Bike, Cindy (Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, Air Squats) and Power Snatches.

Thursday: Working out on Thursday? Of course you are - it’s a “No Brainer.” Five rounds working “on the 3:00” with Plate Hops, Shuttle Sprints and Deadlifts.

Friday: Hang Squat Clean strength work to start before putting the “Top Down” and flying into a triplet chipper of Burpees, Bike and Hang Squat Cleans.

Saturday: Netflix and Chill? Select “Birdbox” for a pyramid style chipper featuring Rows, Box Jump Overs, Power Snatches and Rope Climbs. Tights and\or long socks recommended!

No Booze Update: How ya feeling without the booze? Comment below. 11 out of 17 peeps are still hanging strong! If you falter, complete the penalty and jump back in. This week: 40 Burpees.

Change on the Horizon: Rose City is transitioning from Wodify to SugarWOD for workout tracking. Brief How To: Download SugarWOD app, Search for CrossFit WASQ, Enter access code (sorry, code only available at the gym!), Start tracking!

New Class CityF!T class starts January 21st at 9:00 AM. No barbell or advanced gymnastics but all the cardio. CrossFit experience necessary. For more details: info@rosecitybarbell.

COMPS! RCB teams at Tracktown Throwdown: McKenzie, Anna and Carlee for the ladies with David or (Coach Nick), Scotland and Russ for the gents. Individual competitors Coach James and Craig W. head south to test their fitness at NorCal Masters. Finally, resident badass, Mary, hits up her first ju-jitsu competition!

Wish these Rose City athletes luck if you see ‘em this week!