Turkey Day!

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Thanksgiving is tomorrow 🍗 - and I’m sure you’ve already seen all the posts about “earning” your Thanksgiving dinner or sweating off the turkey. This is a reminder that we don’t have to do cardio or extra exercise because we choose to celebrate a holiday with our loved ones. And we definitely don’t need to resort to restrictive diets, cleanses, or some weird detox to make up for all the “bad” foods we ate the day before. 🙅‍♀️👎

The stress and food guilt that many of us carry around the holidays does us no good. So I give you permission to let it go and just enjoy the holiday. 🤗 

A few tips -

🥧 Eat those foods that you love to eat (whether it’s pumpkin pie, Brussels sprouts, or the stuffing) and savor every bite

💦 Drink plenty of water throughout the day

🥦 Get veggies on your plate when you can

🐾 Go for an after-dinner walk with your family and pet babies -movement does the body good!

🥘 Pick back up with your normal eating habits on Friday

Enjoy yourself and the whole experience with your family and friends! You won’t set yourself back from your goals by doing this one day, I promise. Let us know what foods you’re most looking forward to crushing tomorrow. I’m coming straight for that pumpkin pie. 

All The Veggies.

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The hour you spend in the gym is important. The 23 hours outside the gym are even more so. 

Every Wednesday, we’ll be dropping knowledge bombs to get you on the right track for those other 23 hours. Whether it’s nutrition 🥦, sleep 😴, hydration 💦, supplements 💊, meal prep 🥘, or more - we got you. Want us to cover something specific - drop it in the comments and we’ll add it to the list.

We’ll kick this series off with ONE simple thing you can do starting TOMORROW. We challenge you to eat a vegetable with EVERY. SINGLE. MEAL. Think veggies scrambled in your eggs in the morning, chopped bell peppers with lunch, and roasted broccoli with dinner. Every time you eat, make sure there’s a veggie on that plate. 🥦🥒🥗 Or better yet, make a smoothie and sneak veggies in it. Boom. Bonus points for veggies of all colors. Eat the rainbow, ya know? 🌈

Vegetables are loaded down with micronutrients. Heard of them? Those are the important things like vitamins, minerals, fiber that will help us feel *and* look our best. Research has even shown that vegetable intake is associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Don’t underestimate this. It’s simple, sneaky, and super effective.