WOD Tracking

SugarWOD is Here!


Rose City Barbell is very excited to announce the transition to SugarWOD for tracking and logging of workouts!

Why SugarWOD?

First, it’s completely integrated with CompTrain Class Programming. Every workout and strength session is pre-loaded by CompTrain and is ready to go! It’s also a robust platform with updated and functional apps for both Apple and Android.

Second, it’s cleaner, lighter, brighter, happier and WAY more functional than our current tracking program. Look, you guys weren’t happy with our current tracking program (and neither were we) and we listened! We want you to have the best experience you can at Rose City Barbell. That includes being able to accurately track your performance and encourage friends and training partners. Who doesn’t love a good fist bump after a tough WOD?

Finally, we think you’ll find the features of SugarWOD unparalleled – from percentage calculators, to video demos of movements, to social media integration, to the ease of recalling workout history and personal records.

What does this mean for you?

We will go “live” with SugarWOD on Monday January 21st and starting Monday January 28th we will be completely transitioned to SugarWOD. We will stop tracking in WODify on Saturday January 26th. We are working on transferring your data from WODify to SugarWOD. Not everything will transition but Hero, Girl and Benchmarks will make it over along with max lifts. It will provide you a great base to get started.

What do you need to do?

You can access SugarWOD on their website or download their app. Once you have your account set up (it’s totes free by the way) all you have to do is search for CrossFit WASQ and request access. *THE ACCESS CODE WILL BE POSTED AT THE GYM.* Yep, you read that right, we’re posting the access code at the gym and nowhere else so get yourself in the gym, get your code and get hooked up with SugarWOD!

What happens to Wodify?

Wodify will still be active and utilized for class attendance and billing. You can continue to sign into class through the app, make changes to your billing\contact information, etc.

Questions? Ask any Coach or staff member and we’ll be happy to help.