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The puppy in this pic is just to get your attention. Sneaky, huh  In past posts, we’ve talked about food, sleep, and meal prep, but there’s another essential piece to the wellness puzzle - and that’s hydration. 

You already know how important water is to feel your best. But how much water is enough? Do you find yourself having to stop and drink water during a metcon? Then you definitely need to drink more throughout the day. (Thanks coach @whatthebruff for this reminder )

A good starting place when it comes to water intake? Try to drink at least 1/2 of your bodyweight in ounces/day. Are you hitting WODs all day every day? Then add at least 10oz more (but maybe closer to 15 if you’re a sweaty mess like me…) for every hour you’re working on that fitness.

Does that seem like an impossible goal? Here are some tips -

  • Try to drink at least 20oz as soon as you wake up in the morning. You’re well on your way to hitting your goal if you can manage this.

  • Buy a stainless steel water bottle so you always have water on hand. It also helps cut down on plastic bottles used, so you’re helping save the planet too.

  • Spice up your water. Opt for bubbly water or add fruit/veggies/herbs into your water for flavor. Basil + lemon or cucumber + raspberry are pretty bomb flavor combos but the possibilities are endless.

  • Let’s not forget about electrolytes. We lose these when we sweat so we’ve got to put them back in us when we can. Lots of fruits and vegetables on the daily can help - but we may need to supplement too.

  • 🥥 Try to stay away from the stuff that has a bunch of added sugar or junky ingredients. Coconut water is the OG but Pedialyte powder or Nuun tablets will get the job done too.

Is your water intake basically nonexistent right now? Little steps are better than nothing. Try to add in at least one more glass/day and go from there.

Questions? Feel free to reach out. Cheers!