Meal Prep

Meal Prep.

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ONE THING that will make life easier, save you time & $$$, and get you on the gainz train…


When you meal prep - you make a tangible commitment to yourself. Unlike *just* telling yourself that you’ll eat healthy this week (& then treating yo’self), you’re taking an actionable step to get yourself there. It’s empowering, ya know?

But it can feel overwhelming at first. Just like anything, you get better with practice. To help - here’s a few of my tips to make meal prep nice ‘n easy.

 Prioritize - you can find a million excuses to NOT do something. You’re tired, too busy, etc. But I’d guess that 99% of the time, it’s not that those things are true - we just aren’t prioritizing it. Realize that a few hours of work on Sunday is going to pay off loads through the week.

 Plan - consider your week. Will you be able to make breakfast at home or do you need to prep so you have a meal you can eat on the go (hellooo smoothies…) How many lunches will you need? Spend some time picking out 3-4 recipes that will get you through the week. Once you have an idea of what you want to whip up, write that shopping list so you won’t leave anything out at the store.

 Keep it simple - You don’t have to make recipes with a mile-long ingredient list. You don’t even have to make recipes at all. You can start by baking some chicken breasts in the oven, cooking a batch of rice, and roasting veggies. I usually try to batch cook 2-3 protein options (chicken and grass-fed beef), 1-2 carb foods (sweet potatoes and rice), and plenty of veggies. Boom. Done.

 Make it work for you - the biggest key to success is making this work FOR YOU. This takes experimentation. Once you’ve done it a few times, you learn what method works best for your lifestyle. Maybe you don’t care to eat the same meal 7 days a week. Great – prep a recipe that can be split up into seven portions. If you know that you can’t stand eating the same thing over and over – don’t do this. Find a few simple recipes that use the same ingredients but can be used in different ways.

Got ?’s - let us know! Who’s meal prepping this weekend?? ‍♀️‍♂️