Working out Sick?

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The season of sickness is here. The million dollar question…should you workout when you feel sick? 🤧

Here’s my general rule - if you feel your symptoms are “above the neck” (a common cold, head congestion, a little bit of a sore throat), working out will probably be ok. Reducing the intensity is a great idea - think quality of movement. Move a little, sweat a little, it might help break up that congestion. 💦

If you have symptoms below the neck (upset stomach, coughing up a lung, congestion in chest) or you’re feverish or have those dreaded aches, please stay home. This is your body telling you that you need rest - so take it. 🛏

Your body is smart - listen to it! Don’t feel as if taking the rest you need will keep you from your goals or make you lose all your gains. Make sure you’re drinking fluids, eating well, and sleeping. Ease back into your routine as you start feeling better. We’ll be here waiting for you when you’re ready to crush it again. 💪