Sleep Time.

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Do you relate with this sleepy pug on a spiritual level? 😴 If so, you probably need to be crushing a lot more sleep than you are right now. Think AT LEAST 8 hours a night - closer to 10 if you can swing it.

Don’t sleep on just how powerful sleep can be for your health 🛌

When it comes to supporting your wellness, sleep is your best tool 🛠

💤 Want to lose fat? Sleep.

😅 Want to recover faster? Sleep.

⚡️ Want more energy for your work day AND your workouts? Sleep.

💪 Want to keep your gainz? Sleep.

Not sleeping enough on the daily? You’re putting yourself at risk for: 

🍩 More cravings for high-calorie foods

🔥 Increased inflammation in your body

⬆️ Higher blood sugar levels

🦠 Impaired gut health - just to name a few

Sleep is easy. And it’s FREE 🤑 It’s such a simple change you can make to literally increase the quality of your life so fast. Want to learn more about sleep from someone who is way more of an expert than me? Check out @joerogan’s podcast with Neuroscientist Dr. Matthew Walker. It will make you want to hit the bed early tonight.