Free First Fridays.
to Jan 1

Free First Fridays.

Kim & Randy

Kim & Randy

We’re excited to announce Free First Fridays!

Free First Fridays are the first Friday every month and start February 1st. 

Everyone is welcome! Friends, family, co-workers, anyone interested in giving CrossFit or CityFIT a try.

Classes offer straight forward movements, no advanced gymnastics or barbells, but all the fun.

Great introductory option!

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Open 2019, Friday Night Lights.
to Mar 22

Open 2019, Friday Night Lights.

Rory’s no longer with CrossFit HQ, but here’s a video of him explaining the @CrossFit Open.

Open 2019

The CrossFit Open is a five-week test of fitness. It’s a challenge pushing your physical and mental toughness. Participating looks different for everyone. Some will push, some will scale, some will watch & cheer friends. Should you do the Open? Sign-Up & select CrossFit WASQ as your affiliate.

Friday Night Lights.

Join us each week for five weeks of Friday Night Lights, starting February 22 @ 5:00 PM.

Each class will be doing the Open workout, but we encourage you to come to Friday Night Lights!

Briefing: 5:00 PM (review workout, standards & scoring).

Workout starts: 5:30PM (heats & judges assigned).

Bring family and friends to cheer you on. Everyone’s welcome!

Schedule during the Open:

  • Week 1, 19.1 – Friday, Feb. 22st: 6:00AM, 12:00PM, 5:00PM Friday Night Lights.

  • Week 2, 19.2 – Friday, Mar. 1st: 6:00AM, 12:00PM, 5:00PM Friday Night Lights.

  • Week 3, 19.3 – Friday, Mar. 8th: 6:00AM, 12:00PM, 5:00PM Friday Night Lights.

  • Week 4, 19.4 – Friday, Mar. 15th: 6:00AM, 12:00PM, 5:00PM Friday Night Lights.

  • Week 5, 19.5 – Friday, Mar. 22st: 6:00AM, 12:00PM, 5:00PM Friday Night Lights.

At the end of the five weeks:

  • Spirit of the Open award.

    Support. Challenge. Inspire.

  • Male/Female RX & Scaled awards.

  • Potluck


Questions? Post them below or ask a coach.

(503) 784-0061

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March Member of the Month.
to Apr 1

March Member of the Month.


Congrats to March Member of the Month Natasha Windle!

Natasha brings it every day. We love having her apart of our community! Please give her a fist bump next time you see her. 👊

Learn More about Natasha:

How long have you been a member at Rose City Barbell? 

A: I joined April or May of last year after year of training in a different fitness format. It has been a great (almost) year at RCB! So glad I made a change.

What’s your occupation?

A: I work in program management for a large architecture firm. My job is to introduce tools and processes that help our architects be successful. 

What was your athletic background before CrossFit?

A: I played all sports as a kid and low-key intramurals in college. As an adult, I spent several years hoping that semi-regular running would get me in shape. Then there were the years having babies, which slowed everything way down.

What’s one goal you have for 2019?

A: Pull-ups!

What are your interests or hobbies outside of the gym?

A: Work, parenting, and RCB keep me pretty busy these days! I always look forward to and enjoy cooking with and for friends and being around a table together. I need to make it happen more often! Also, #houseplants.

What keeps you coming back to RCB?

A: The coaching, programming, and athletes at RCB are great. I also appreciate the large, clean space! I look forward to the physical and mental challenge that accompanies every. Single. Workout. I've also learned that fixed class time and a coach are critical for my fitness training. Without both, I'd still be running the neighborhood without much change or growth.

Where’s your favorite place to travel?

A: These days I'm dreaming of warm ocean waves and sandy toes. My favorite travel memory is spending a college semester on a ship, visiting four continents.

What’s one song that gets you pumped up for a workout?

A: Little known fact - Zac Brown has a 'dance-pop' side project (John V is so 100% cringing right now). The band is Sir Rosevelt, and their song The Bravest is my jam.

What’s your favorite CrossFit memory?

A: The Murph. I did it the first time in 2017 and about died. Completed it again in 2018, still nearly died, but finished markedly faster. I have my tracking 3x5s from both attached to my computer monitor. I'm not great about recognizing progress or growth, and those 3x5s are reminders of my progress.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to new members at RCB?

A: Show up! Keep coming! Whether you are looking for fitness progress, community, or both, they can be found at RCB. Keep showing up.

 Thank You, Natasha, for being an awesome member & leader within our community!

Leave a comment or a 👊 to show Natasha some love!

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February Member of the Month.
to Mar 1

February Member of the Month.

February: David Young..jpg

Congrats to February Member of the Month David Young!

David brings infectious energy & eagerness to learn. We love having him as an integral part of our community. Please give him a fist bump next time you see him. 👊

Learn more about David:

How long have you been a member at RCB?

A: I’ve been a member since December 2017, so just over a year.

What’s your occupation?

A: I focus on turning companies around & growing them. I'm currently working for a healthcare provider located throughout the Pacific Northwest.

What was your athletic background before CrossFit?

A: It was pretty routine. I've always tried to be active depending on my workload, either working out at a gym or home. None of it was as dynamic as CrossFit, where I was introduced to gym routines on the bar, rowing, Olympic (and proper) weightlifting, and more intense bodyweight training than I had done before. Also, I was never as “spent” after a workout than I am after a CrossFit workout.

What’s your goal for  2019?

A: I want to be able to sail through the burpees. It’s all cardio/endurance focused for me for 2019.

What are your interests or hobbies outside of the gym?

A: My interests are my wife, Michelle, and our four (yes, that’s 1-2-3-4) kids ranging from 7 months to 9 years old. We like good food; I want to prepare gumbo, cold-smoked salmon, craft chocolate mousse, create a latte from my all-manual espresso machine. We love to share that food with people, having people over for dinner & discussion, stuff like that. Last, I am a voracious reader of financial news related to interest rate movements, the price of debt securities, commodities & global growth demand, private equity versus public market nuances, and other recondite and vague areas.

What keeps you coming back to RCB?

A: Simply put, the people. Without the people, I couldn’t learn. I mean, how do you learn what you don’t know by living in an echo chamber (aka working out by yourself)? I need folks to train with & learn from.

Where’s your favorite place to travel?

A: I’m a traditionalist. I’ve gone to St. Augustine, Florida about 35 times in my life. It’s one of the oldest cities in the US, founded in the mid-16th century. Spanish architecture. On the coast. Nice beach & good seafood.

What’s your go-to hype song?

A: Prodigy – Diesel Power. It’s not deep lyrics or anything like that – just heavy bass.

What’s your favorite CrossFit memory?

A: This was either when I did 57 double-unders unbroken (January 2019) or when I beat Johnny in a WOD :)

What’s one piece of advice you’d give new members at Rose City Barbell?

A: Be consistent. I wasn’t hitting the Rx workouts for several months when I first started, and my stamina was horrible. It also took me several months of practice to hit my double-unders. This is all well and good because my trajectory remains steep. I go four times per week now, but I first started twice per week until I built my stamina. Consistency is your biggest value driver.

Thank You, David, for being an awesome member & leader within our community!

Leave a comment or a 👊 to show David some love!

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No Booze Challenge.
to Feb 14

No Booze Challenge.

  • The Rose City Barbell No Booze Challenge begins on Tuesday, January 1st at 8:00 AM and will end on Valentine's Day Thursday, February 14th at 8:00 AM. The object of the challenge is to NOT consume any alcohol for the length of the challenge. NONE! Not even a sip. That includes beer, wine, hard alcohol and malt beverages.

  • By participating in this challenge you will learn a lot about yourself, your friends and your family. Successful participation in the challenge may also have the side effects of: improved sleep, better complexion, weight loss, better performance in the gym and more money in your bank account.

  • Enter the challenge by mustering a little intestinal fortitude and writing your name on the Whiteboard.

  • The No Booze Challenge works on the honor system and you should hold yourself (or your friends) accountable. If you do consume alcohol during the challenge you should put a line through your name and post your penalty and time.

  • Fall off the wagon?  Not a problem - you can still participate! Don’t let one slip up derail your progress. Just complete your penalty and then jump back on the wagon and back in the No Booze Challenge. 

    Table of Penalties
    January 1 – 5 = 50 Burpee Box Jumps
    January 6 – 12 = 40 Burpee Box Jumps
    January 13 – 19 = 30 Burpee Box Jumps
    January 20 – 26 = 40 Burpees
    January 27 – February 2 = 30 Burpees
    February 3 – 9 = 20 Burpees
    February 10 – 13 = 10 Burpees

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