The Rose City Barbell No Booze Challenge begins Tuesday, January 1st at 8:00 AM and will end on Valentine's Day Thursday, February 14th at 8:00 AM.

The object of the challenge is to NOT consume alcohol.

  • By participating in this challenge you will learn a lot about yourself, your friends and your family. Successful participation in the challenge may also have the side effects of: improved sleep, better complexion, weight loss, better performance in the gym and more money in your bank account.

  • Enter the challenge by mustering a little intestinal fortitude and writing your name on the Whiteboard.

  • The No Booze Challenge works on the honor system and you should hold yourself (or your friends) accountable. If you do consume alcohol during the challenge you should put a line through your name and post your penalty and time.

  • Fall off the wagon?  Not a problem - you can still participate! Don’t let one slip up derail your progress. Just complete your penalty and then jump back on the wagon and back in the No Booze Challenge. 

    Table of Penalties
    January 1 – 5 = 50 Burpee Box Jumps
    January 6 – 12 = 40 Burpee Box Jumps
    January 13 – 19 = 30 Burpee Box Jumps
    January 20 – 26 = 40 Burpees
    January 27 – February 2 = 30 Burpees
    February 3 – 9 = 20 Burpees
    February 10 – 13 = 10 Burpees