Partner services

Physical Therapy: Therapydia

Rose City Barbell members get free Physical Therapy consultations!

During your consultation, discuss any aches and pains along with training goals to receive a personalized plan of care.

Email us for the consult code or claim your consult card at the gym! Then call Therapydia to schedule your consult!

nutrition: Chelsea brinegar, MSCN

Rose City Barbell Members get a free “Chat with Chelsea” session.

We’ll figure out what you’re looking for & better understand what your goals are. 

It’s an excellent way for us to help you overcome any fears or obstacles you may have in moving forward.



Stella’s Kitchen.

Stella's Kitchen is a local, farm-to-table meal prep service that delivers "heat and eat" meals to the Portland metro area.

Rose City Barbell Member?

Enjoy 15% off with the code listed at the gym. You can also pick up your meals here!