preview 4/15-4/20



Monday, 4/15

Daily Mindset: “If you have everything under control, you’re not moving fast enough.” - Mario Andretti

"Marathon Monday"


Hand Release Push-ups

Kettlebell Swings

AbMat Sit-ups


Air Squats

Box Jumps

Jamie Tues.jpg

Tuesday, 4/16

Daily Mindset: “The privilege of a lifetime, is being who you are.” -Joseph Campbell

Power Clean + Push Jerk

Build to Heavy Complex.


Clean and Jerks

James Wednesday.jpg

Wednesday, 4/17

Daily Mindset: “There is a difference between listening, and waiting for your turn to speak.” - Simon Sinek


Calorie Assault Bike

Strict Pull-ups

Dumbbell Deadlifts

Dumbbell Front Squats

Luke Thurs.jpg

Thursday, 4/18

Daily Mindset: “When doing your risk analysis, how do you measure the risk of doing nothing?”

"Annie's On the Run"

Double Unders


Meter Run


Friday, 4/19

Daily Mindset: The idea of better or worse “gene pools” is a myth. True for our skin and hair color at birth, but not at all towards our potential in life. We respond to our environment, and most specifically, to stress. We just need to get after it.


Calorie Row


Alternating Dumbbell Snatches

Lateral Burpees over Rower

David Sat..jpg

Saturday, 4/20

Daily Mindset: “Alright. They’re to the front of us, to the left and right, and behind us. We’re surrounded…. They can’t escape us now”. – General Chesty Puller, United States Marine Corps

“Wreck Yourself”

Teams of 3

Meter Wreck Bag Run

Rope Climbs

Squat Cleans