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My wife, Kim, has been working out at various gyms for the last 10 years with various results. Me, not so much, OK, never. I have a fairly physical job and good overall health so never saw the need to work out at a gym. That is until Kim started working out at Rose City Barbell and I noticed a new passion for fitness she never had before. I got lured in by a promotional month and haven’t looked back.

It didn’t take long to find out I definitely did have a need to work out. The trainers for the 6:30am class, Nick (the owner) and Ajay, have been fantastic. I’ll admit I was a bit worried at first about getting hurt trying out all the different movements of CrossFit. But the RCB staff is so good at the pre-WOD warmup and strength conditioning pieces that those fears have disappeared. They’re also very good at coaxing your maximum effort in a way that doesn’t feel like you’re being pushed over the limit. The atmosphere at RCB is very friendly and helpful, with other members cheering you on/pushing you to never give up.

Since joining RCB 7 months ago I have seen definite improvements in my strength and mobility, and my previous morning back pain has gone away. Who knew that you could actually look forward to a challenging workout 3-4 days a week at 6:30am! Thanks Nick, John, Marina, and Ajay, for the great CrossFit experience and for helping me to expand and reach new fitness goals. 

When a friend first asked me to try CrossFit, I thought it was only for weightlifters. But hey, why not try it once? I was attracted right away to the push your limits, never boring classes; and that all exercises were scalable so you compete against yourself, and grow surprisingly stronger each time. But there was no personal interest from the staff at that first gym, so I didn’t go back.

When a friend who was training for the CrossFit Open came to town last year, he researched the best place to drop in for a workout and chose RCB. He highly praised it as a professional, high quality, super clean, and friendly “box”. I was hooked from the very first time I came in 10 months ago. The staff and owners were amazingly welcoming, knowledgeable, encouraging, and eager to share. They were excited to have me there, and they still are.



In going to a few gyms over the last 10 years to try and make up for my office work, I’ve enjoyed all kinds of spin classes, boot camps, and great trainers. But this is better than all of them in a heartbeat. It’s like having the best bootcamp complete with an amazing personal trainer every day. And you work out alongside others who love to work out, are getting stronger, and encourage you to keep going.

The RCB owners and staff are dedicated to training you to be fit for life, keeping you free from injury, and helping you push yourself to previously unknown limits. Since coming to RCB, I now look forward to working out. I have more strength & mobility than I thought I could ever have-with more to come! I stand taller and sleep better. And your program got my husband to join me in working out for the first time ever.

RCB, thank you so much for all you do. You guys are so great. I’m not going anywhere!

My name is Savannah, I’m 25 and I’m an elementary school teacher. My friends, who had already been going to RCB, convinced me and my husband to try out CrossFit with RCB about 10 months ago and since day one, I’ve been hooked! I’ve always been an athlete, and it’s been so great to be active again and feel stronger after every workout. At first, I was super nervous about being able to lift enough, or complete the repetitions in a CrossFit workout, because let’s face it, it’s intimidating. But the coaches are so great about helping you modify the workout so that you can get stronger and get better with each lift or movement! Besides just feeling physically stronger, working out at RCB is also my mental and emotional therapy time. I love working out with, and competing against my 4:30pm crew after a long day of teaching 9 year olds (yikes). I also love/hate pushing myself and challenging my limits. Rose City Barbell feels like family, and it’s my place for all around wellness!





Ever since I can remember being active has been a major part of my life. As a kid my brother and I would be on skate boards or bikes from sun up till the street lights came on. I found my competitiveness in youth sports through tee ball and soccer; and it continued as I became a two sport athlete in football and baseball. One commonality between the two sports was the weight room. I started lifting weights at 15 and I have been moving weights for the last 21 years.