Seth Davis - November Athlete Of The Month | Rose City Barbell CrossFit Portland

My name is Seth Davis, I’m 34 years old. My dad was in the Marines so I grew as a military brat and lived all over. So, I did lots of pushups growing up. I graduated from U of O with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy. Go Ducks!!!

Growing up we were an active family. I played a lot of organized sports (soccer, baseball, football, track, cross-country, wrestling, tennis). I also surfed and body boarded as a child. In college, I played varsity tennis for Marymount College before transferring to U of O, where I chose frat life instead of sports. I did start a USTA club tennis team, where I coached and played singles.

After college, I moved to NYC for 3 years where I taught tennis at a couple private clubs and earned my level 3 USPTA certification, which I still hold today. I’m always looking for hitting partners, if anyone plays. I used to run a lot as my primary way of fitness. I have run several half marathons but never got excited about it.

It wasn’t until finding CrossFit that I got excited about fitness again. And it wasn’t until I found Rose City Barbell that I consistently showed up to classes. The facilities are immaculate and the coaching staff are great. I’m very thankful to Nick C., Ajay and Nick B. for helping me on my CrossFit journey. It’s crazy at 34 I’m doing things I’ve never done and I’m getting stronger and fitter every month and I owe a lot of that to them and their teaching. I also owe a lot to the Rose City community; everyone has been so supportive and inspiring. Special shout out to my 5:30am group, you’re a special breed that gets up that early to suffer every day. What I love most about CrossFit and Rose City, is that if you show up you will get fitter, feel better and have fun, no exceptions. Now to work on getting my first muscle up!