1. Balancing Diet Within Your Fitness Regimen

    When it comes to fitness, people tend to think of spending time at the gym being the primary driver of results. While yes, as a Portland CrossFit gym we have to admit that working out is important, nutrition is the true driver of physical change. When you come to join us at our local Tigard fitness facility you will work up a sweat and burn off the calories and fats that you have recently consumed…Read More

  2. Three Reasons To Try CrossFit This New Year From Your Portland CrossFit Gym

    With the new year approaching, people all over the world are beginning to consider getting a gym membership to work towards their New Year's resolutions. While this seems like an easy feat, people often juggle the various gym choices for months before they decide what gym they would like to become a part of. Do they want a gym that focuses on classes? A gym that focuses on personal workouts? Do th…Read More

  3. Olympic Weightlifting In Portland — For More Than Just Professionals

    When people hear the term “Olympic weightlifting,” they tend to think of a weightlifting circuit or lift that is being performed by one of the most elite athletes in the world. While you are not wrong to associate Olympic weightlifting with athletes that hold the title of “the best in their country, or the world,” Olympic weightlifting is simply a weightlifting circuit that has been modele…Read More

  4. The Various Benefits Of Group Workouts

    Whether you are participating in CrossFit training, group workouts, or simply training by yourself, we salute you here at Rose City Barbell. It doesn't really matter how you are getting your exercise, as long as you are getting exercise and staying active. That being said, at Rose City Barbell, we like to think that group workouts are an extremely fun way to do so. Many people prefer to work out a…Read More

  5. Personal Training: What You Get From It

    Whether you are in search of a personal trainer to help you shed some of the winter weight that you packed on, or because you are just starting your fitness journey and need some educational advice, personal training is an extremely valuable resource that we are happy to offer here at the Rose City Barbell Portland CrossFit gym. As a functional fitness and CrossFit gym in the health and wellness i…Read More